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More cash thanks to collective agreement

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More cash thanks to collective agreement

Collectively agreed salaries increase by 2 per cent from November
Banker halten zusammen stevanovicigor, Banker halten zusammen

For employees subject to the regional collective agreements of the private or public banking industry the collectively agreed salary will be rising by 2 per cent from this November onwards.

By this the second tier of the collective agreement agreed last year is being realised. This entails a rise in salaries in two steps of 2 per cent each. Over the full period of the collective agreement salaries will rise 1.5 per cent on average. The collective agreement on salaries. Inflation taken into consideration all we could achieve with this collective agreement for 2019 was a decrease in real wages. Due to the current economic developments a rise of real wages amounting to 1 per cent is on the horizon for 2020.

Currently we are negotiating with both employers‘ associations regarding further collective topics such as a new compensation structures or a collective agreement for junior employees. These negotiations, though, will carry on into spring next year. We will report regularly. Already in April we were able to achieve improvements with regard to the professional years classification of young employees – in future also training and relevant professional periods before the 20th year of life must be taken into account.

The challenges keep increasing

Due to the rupture in the negotiating community of the employers the challenges in both fields of collective negotiations are increasing. Also in the year ahead it will not only be important to enforce our claims. We will also need to counter attacks from the employers‘ side. How successful we will be in the coming negotiations thus depends on how strong we are.

If you become a member now you support your own collective agreement. And you can contribute to deciding on our demands for the next bargaining round already in few months

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